Two documents are essential
to your election campaign’s success:

  • Your Campaign Budget and
  • Your Campaign Communications Plan

These documents are your road map to electoral victory.

They also require an immense amount of planning, which is why you want to create both of these documents long before the pressure of the campaign hits.

Campaign Budget Template

Creating a budget from scratch is an immensely time-consuming and tedious process, yet an accurate budget is absolutely essential to your campaign’s success.

Drastically reduce the time your Campaign Manager must spend developing a budget for your election campaign using this comprehensive budget template in Microsoft Excel.

Your Campaign Manager’s job is hard enough without wasting his or her valuable time creating a budget from scratch. Using this template maximizes your Campaign Manager’s time and allows them to complete this critical task fast so they can move on to the next critical campaign issue facing them today.

Budget Overview Sheet

Campaign Plan Template

Give your Campaign Manager a head start on this massive undertaking. Save dozens of hours of his or her time by using this comprehensive Campaign Plan template designed in Microsoft Word.

While the specifics for your campaign must be inserted, the essential elements of every election campaign are ready to go.


  • 53-page Campaign Plan Template with Instructions in .DOC format for easy editing
  • Communications Calendar Template in Excel Format
  • 6 Useful Forms and Contract Templates for your campaign in .DOC and .PDF formats