Candidate Self-Assessment Package

As a Candidate, you must be crystal clear about why you’re running for public office, your strengths and weaknesses (and how your opponents will attempt to use your weaknesses against you), and how you will communicate your values effectively to potential voters.

The Candidate Self-Assessment Package is designed to help you gain clarity in all these areas.

The Candidate Self-Assessment Package contains:

  • Why am I Running Worksheet
    Before I (or anyone) can write effective campaign materials I must know what motivated you to run for public office in the first place.
  • The Leesburg Grid exercise
    The Leesburg Grid is a clarity exercise to help you and your Communications Director hone your messaging strategy and stay on message throughout the campaign.
  • Candidate Values and Issues Communications Worksheet
    People vote for candidates they know, like and trust and every candidate has one or more issues that are near and dear to their heart. What are your values and why are these issues so important to you? This worksheet will help you find those stories in your life that allow a potential voter to connect with you at a deeper emotional level.

Once you complete all of these exercises, you will have all the raw material from which you and your Communications Manager can build an effective communications strategy.

Whether you decide I’m the right fit for your campaign or not, this is basic work you must complete if you expect to run a successful election campaign, no matter who you hire to manage communications for you.

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