Email Engagement Campaigns

Before someone will volunteer to help you, donate to your campaign fund or vote for you in an election, they must first get to know, like and trust you.

The key to building your Know/Like/Trust factor with those on your mailing list is sharing personal stories that highlight a value both you and your constituents hold dear.

By regularly sharing stories from your life with the express intent of building your supporters’ knowledge of you and, along with it, your likeability and trustworthiness, you will earn true fans who will volunteer for you, donate to your campaign fund and vote for you on Election Day.

Build your Know/Like/Trust factor with supporters with an email engagement campaign of 5, 10 or 15 emails your team can send out weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to keep your prospective voters engaged with you and your campaign.

Each email message would contain a specific Call to Action to help you achieve one of your primary campaign objectives.

PREREQUISITE: A completed Candidate Self-Assessment Package. This series of exercises provides the foundation for building an effective communications series for you or your candidate.


$2,497.00 for a series of 5-email engagement messages

$4,497.00 for a series of 10-email engagement messages

$5,997.00 for a series of 15-email engagement messages