Communications Director

What I do:

  • Help you or your Candidate win an election by developing an effective campaign communications strategy tailored to your specific Electoral District and the issues you identify as key to your Candidate’s success.

What I Won’t do:

  • I won’t do anything unethical, immoral or illegal.

The Criminal Code and the Elections Act are the arbiters of what is legal in an election campaign. Just because something is legal does not mean I will consider it ethical or moral.

  • I won’t work for everyone who wants to hire me.

If I accept you as a client, it’s because:

  1. I believe we are a good fit, and
  2. I believe I can help you and your team win the election.

If we’re not a good fit I will attempt to recommend someone who may be.

Integrity and Trust

Integrity and Trust are critical two-way streets.

I take integrity seriously. Since you are running for public office, I expect you take integrity seriously too.

If you don’t believe you can trust trust me, then you shouldn’t hire me.

If I don’t believe I can trust you, then I won’t accept you as a client.

Candidate Self-Assessment Package

Before I will even consider taking you on as a client, you must complete and return my Candidate Self-Assessment Package.

It will likely take you a full day to finish the detailed exercises contained in the package, and I encourage you not to rush this process.

This is basic work you must complete if you expect to run a successful election campaign – no matter who you hire to manage communications for you.

Whether I decide to take you on as a client or not – whether you choose another provider – you will be miles ahead of your opponents once this self-assessment package is completed.

I use these forms as part of my process in making my decision on whether I will take you on as a client.

Attempting to hire me without completing the candidate self-assessment package only guarantees I will respond with, “No, but thanks for asking.”



Managing communications for your campaign is a time-consuming process that will require an appropriate campaign budget allocation.

Are other communications consultants cheaper than me?

Absolutely, but cheap often carries unintended consequences.

Can they deliver the quality of work I will deliver for you and your campaign?

Highly unlikely.

Should I accept you as a client, the only thing I care about is providing you the highest quality communications plan and campaign products to ensure you win the election.

I will do what it takes, no matter how long it takes, to get the job done. And I won’t stop working my butt off for you until the last vote is counted on Election Night. That’s my guarantee.

Fee Structure

All invoices are due on receipt and I expect all invoices will be paid promptly.

Please don’t waste my time and yours with promises of a job on your staff once you’re elected. I don’t care. If I wanted a full-time job working for someone else I would not be self-employed.

My job is to get you elected, full stop. What you do with public office once the election is over is entirely up to you.