Votes-to-Win Calculations for Your Electoral District

A Votes-toWin calculation for each poll tells you how many supportive voters you must identify to win that poll.

Calculating the Votes-to-Win number for every single Poll in your Electoral District is a time-consuming job.

There are an average of 217 Polls per Electoral District. This varies from a low of 57 Polls in Nunavut to a high of 314 Polls in Simcoe–Grey.

Calculating Votes-to-Win for every Poll will typically about 3 hours or more to complete. For Electoral Districts with a lot of polls this will take even longer.

By purchasing a Votes-to-Win analysis for your Electoral District you can spend those valuable hours identifying voter support instead of the mundane task of compiling this necessary data.

Essential Analysis for Candidates Representing All Political Parties.

Available for all 338 Federal Electoral Districts.